Residential Landscaping

Landscape Consultation

Complete ConsultationLandscaping can be a daunting problem. If you choose the right plants, plant them in the proper places to fit the overall theme of the landscape design, and care for them properly, you can watch them grow while  adding beauty to your home. Making the wrong choices, however, can be expensive, frustrating, or you may not achieve the look you desired.

During a scheduled appointment, we will visit your home to discuss the details of your landscape project and how you envision the overall “look” you wish to achieve. We will answer questions, make recommendations, and help diagnose any specific problems or concerns you may have with your landscape. What we can provide:

  • Evaluation of existing plants to determine what new varieties can complement the existing plants.
  • Recommend any changes to the existing landscape area.
  • Discuss any Seasonal or Themed Color Design you envision.
  • Discuss proposed Plant/Tree/Shrub locations.
  • Recommendations on where to place various site elements.

Landscape Design

Through an extensive site evaluation and a series of customer meetings, we provide our customers with a carefully planned landscape design that is both unique and inspiring. We also strive to be realistic and to design each phase of the job within your established budget. We believe in providing you with every possible option available to making informed decisions about enhancing your outdoor living space.

Landscape Installation

In addition to preparing a detailed landscape plan, we will provide expert installation of your landscape design from shubbery, trees, perennials, to pine needles or mulch. We provide all of the work and plant material to complete your dream landscape to include:

  • Landscape Design of Bed Layout which will compliment structures and existing plant materials.
  • Prepare Bed by tilling and ammending existing soil to produce rich, raised planting beds.
  • Install your new plants, trees, shrubbery in accordance with the landscape plan.
  • Install mulch or pine needles of your choice to ensure moisture retention and provide a finished look.
  • Fertilize all new plants to give them a quick start.
  • Provide watering instructions to ensure the plants will grow quickly and thrive.
  • Provide a follow-up visit to ensure that your new plants are healthy and off to a good start.

Landscape Water Drainage (Click for more Information)

Landscape Water DrainageYour landscape can often be determined not only by the soil type, lighting, location, etc., but proper water drainage is a vital part of any landscape design. It is important to have a good foundation to protect the longevity of the landscape design. This also helps to provide a healthier living environment for you and your outdoor space. Too much water in landscaped areas can result in numerous plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants like expensive evergreens.

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