A Woodland Bay Home Transformation

Many of us have had the experience that after we purchase a home that is new or is new to us, we spend the first 6 months to a year moving in, adjusting to our new surroundings, and getting to know our neighborhood.  But after that first year, we take a close look at the landscaping that may have been provided by the builder/contractor and look for ways to finish making our new home your own.  In other words, now you are ready to customize the outside living area.  Nine out of ten times, it really isn’t what we like, nor does it express who we really are.  It many instances, it lacks “personality”.

That is what the Homeowner of this home located Woodland Bay (located just south of Gastonia, NC, and just off Lake Wylie) encountered.  After settling in, the landscaping installed by the builder/contractor just wasn’t to their standard.  So we were given the opportunity to remove the old landscaping and give the home a whole new look.

Today, the Homeowners are totally satisfied with their home, inside and out.  Give us an opportunity to help you realize your outdoor dreams while adding value to your home and joy to your lives.

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